& Art

Nina Danino, Stabat Mater (1990)
16mm still

Religion & Art is a CHASE funded research initiative by  Nina Danino, Art Department, Goldsmiths University of London and CHASE partner Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies (LIFTS) University of Essex represented by Professor Jeffrey Geiger and with Mark Dean, Arts Chaplaincy Projects. Starting with a symposium in 2020, it is a  continuing project with a series of public cultural and critical events in different formats that set out to create interdisciplinary encounters between religion and art from a generative position and to create a field of research and further enquiry in art practice.

In 2020 a symposium hosting presentations by artists, theorists and researchers was held at Goldmiths.


In 2021 the project expanded to a series of practice-based discussions in an online forum


For 2022 a series of interdisciplinary talks were presented by José Carlos Diaz, Tina Beattie, and Jarel Robinson-Brown, followed by the opportunity for extended discussion.


Religion & Art Live is a new series of events for 2023/4 focused on performative and time-based works in person and streaming online. The next session is on 6 July in St Pancras Church, organised by Kate Pickering, with Holly Slingsby, Maria Walhout & Katharina Ludwig, Garry Rutter, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Kate Pickering, Sarah White and Ric Stott.