Religion & Art Live is a new series of events for 2023/4 focused on performative and time-based works presented in person and streaming online.


Nina Danino

Mark Dean

Junior Fellow 
James Tabbush

Forthcoming Events

Session 4:
6th July 2024

St Pancras Church
165 Euston Rd
London NW1 2BA 

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Organised by Kate Pickering, with Holly Slingsby, M. Maria Walhout & Katharina Ludwig, Garry Rutter, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Kate Pickering, Sarah White and Ric Stott.

(Un)godly limbs, wombs, wounds, tongues and earthy crumbs materialise through dance, sound, costume, spoken word and performative ritual, resurrecting the hol(e)y, dis/obedient body within Christian tradition. Come and share in an unorthodox communion, take a pilgrimage down into the ground of deathly rebirth, witness the fragmented, in/credulous body on the cusp between inside and out, as the Last Man on Earth wanders among us.


Doors open 1.45pm
Live performances 2-4.30pm (exact schedule TBA June)
Panel discussion 5-6.30pm

Previous Events

Linda Mary Montano : Performances for EVENSONG

Session 2:
6th April 2024

St Stephen Walbrook

liminal experience/ mystical states/ aesthetic attitude/ sites of transformation/ encounter/ transfiguration/ despair/ cry/ hope

Dan Byrne-Smith - electronics and voice
Donna Matthews - voice and sound improvisation with Antónis Kastellaní
Nina Danino - voice

A performance/talk/event with sound pieces incorporating text from The Sickness Unto Death by Soren Kierkegaard, readings from Anaïs Nin and the music of Ash Ra Tempel

Session 1:
21st March 2023


Presenters: Ariel Albuquerque, Dan Byrne-Smith, Nina Danino, Mark Dean, Sophie Hughes, Linda Mary Montano, Mimi Nicholson,  James Tabbush