Religion & Art Live is a new series of events for 2023/4 focused on performative and time-based works presented in person and streaming online.


Nina Danino

Mark Dean

Junior Fellow 
James Tabbush

Forthcoming Events

Holy Trinity with All Saints
Prince Consort Rd
London SW7 2BA
With Linda Mary Montano

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Session 4:
8th June 2024
Presenters and venue to be confirmed 

Session 5:
6th July 2024

St Pancras Church
165 Euston Rd
London NW1 2BA 

Organised by Kate Pickering, with Holly Slingsby, Maria Walhout & Katharina Ludwig, Garry Rutter, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Kate Pickering, Sarah White and Ric Stott.
Further details to follow

Previous Events

Session 2:
6th April 2024

St Stephen Walbrook

liminal experience/ mystical states/ aesthetic attitude/ sites of transformation/ encounter/ transfiguration/ despair/ cry/ hope

Dan Byrne-Smith - electronics and voice
Donna Matthews - voice and sound improvisation with Antónis Kastellaní
Nina Danino - voice

A performance/talk/event with sound pieces incorporating text from The Sickness Unto Death by Soren Kierkegaard, readings from Anaïs Nin and the music of Ash Ra Tempel

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Session 1:
21st March 2023


Presenters: Ariel Albuquerque, Dan Byrne-Smith, Nina Danino, Mark Dean, Sophie Hughes, Linda Mary Montano, Mimi Nicholson,  James Tabbush 

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