Nick Gordon Smith, Sermon (1987)
        8 mins, 16mm

Within the image (saturated in colour) and the sound (sampled and contorted), beauty and revulsion, hope and despair still linger. A confusion of memory and observation. A confusion of meanings in symbols and narrative. A confusion of order in disorder. ‘There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow, if it be now, ’tis not to come, if it be not to come, it will be now, if it be not now, yet it will come, the readiness is all.’

            – N.G.S.

John Woodman, The Separation (2016)
        6 mins

The Separation is a reflection on light, duration and visual transformation. Filmed in one continuous take at a constant aperture, moonlight on the sea surface is intermittently revealed and obscured by clouds, presenting a reflexive and phenomenological viewing experience.
The title refers metaphorically to Genesis and the film could also be comprehended as a visual analogue to the cinematic apparatus itself, with consideration of the ways in which light separation occurs in both the perceptual and physical processes of representation. This film is silent.

            – J.W

Nina Danino, Nocturn (2020)
        5 mins

Oh, you who pass this way, look and see, is there any sorrow like the sorrow that afflicts me. Stop all you and see my sorrow. If there is any sorrow like mine.

Lamentations 1.12
Responsory V
(Nocturn II Holy Saturday)

From the sleeve notes of my LP, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae (1585)

        – N.D.

Mark Dean, Metanoia (2018)
        7 mins

Metanoia is one of two distinct terms in the New Testament that are both translated into English as repentance: in the original Greek, metamelomai suggests sorrowful regret, whilst metanoia implies the action of a change of mind leading to a change of life. In classical Greek culture, metanoia referred to a rhetorical device, but was also personified as an avenging figure—either a young girl or a crone—who accompanies Kairos, the god of opportune time, as ‘the goddess who exacts punishment for what has and has not been done.  

            - M.D.

David Bowie’s Word on a Wing was written at the height of his cocaine addiction, whilst filming The Man Who Fell To Earth:

“There were days of such psychological terror when making the Roeg film that I nearly started to approach my reborn, born again thing. It was the first time I’d really seriously thought about Christ and God in any depth, and ‘Word on a Wing’ was a protection. It did come as a complete revolt against elements that I found in the film. The passion in the song was genuine… something I needed to produce from within myself to safeguard myself against some of the situations I felt were happening on the film set.”

Elena Unger, Invisible Church (2019)
            13 mins, Video

Invisible Church was made to link two churches, as well as two exhibitions spaced one year apart. The first exhibition, entitled: FRAGMENT, took place in the ancient priory church of St. Bartholomew the Great. The second took place in the (now deconsecrated) church of St. James Hatcham and was entitled: Invisible Church. The film was presented in its eponymous exhibition and is a recorded trace of St. Bart’s visionary past and present. Most of the sound, including all of the choral music was recorded live and has not been separated from its source footage

            – E.U.


Linda Montano, The Spiritual Lives of Linda Montano (1996)
            13 mins

This film addresses spiritual closure. Video gave me a chance to examine, see, and celebrate the seven spiritual venues, paths, and journeys that I have made: 1) Catholic life, 2) nun’s life, 3) yoga life, 4) Buddhist life, 5) feminist life, 6) natural life, 7) life. Publicly, I am admitting that I am a spiritual materialist—been there, done that—but I am also saying that all of my spiritual experiences have worked together to prepare me for even deeper journeys combining all of the sacred technologies I have learned so that I can re-invent my own way. Using a fairytale format lightens the task of looking at my past.

            – L.M.